Essay on Analysis Of Kanye West 's Single ' Through The Wire '

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Kanye West’s single “Through the Wire” from “The College Dropout” album, was released in 2003. The importance of the single being released during that specific year was that Kanye was trying to be recognized as a rapper. Many people wouldn 't recognize him as a rapper mainly because he did not have as much credibility as other rappers, such as Jay-Z and Tupac did. In fact, people wanted him to give up on rapping and focus on beating, which was what he was good at. Kanye didn 't give up in what he believed in. Instead he got his credibility by making a music video that included his nearly fatal car accident, his acceptance into the Roc-A-Fella Records, and his tribute to Chaka Khan.
During the early 2000’s, Kanye gained most of his credibility by recording “Through the Wire”, while literally having his mouth shut with a wire. “I spit it through the wire man” said Kanye in his single. Kanye had recorded “Through the Wire” with his mouth still being wired shut and while still experiencing pain; this was due to his broken jaw. He had fractured his jaw in three different places because he had been in an almost fatal car accident in Los Angeles, after having a long day at the studio. With Kanye including a clip from when he was introduced as the newest member of Jay Z’s Roc-A- Fella Records, he made it known that he was now a rapper and that he would be working with some of the greatest rappers of the time. Although some people had not accepted him as a rapper in the beginning…

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