Analysis Of Kanye Omari West Is A Chicago Based Rapper Essay

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Kanye Omari West is a Chicago based rapper. West got his start producing hit singles for Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Ludacris. Soon after, he began producing records including Purple Haze by Cam’ron. Kanye West’s unique sound stood up to the popular “gangsta rap” beats. He became known for his “chipmunk soul” sound in which he sampled 70’s and 80’s soul songs and tuned up the pitch. After producing enough albums, he decided to make one of his own.
In 2004, West debuted with The College Dropout. Referencing to West’s status as a college dropout, the album focused on the struggles West faced as a Black man in Chicago. Criticizing consumerism, education, and modern work culture, a stellar record and artist were born. From 2004-2008, West recorded 4 studio albums and went non-tuple Platinum. Selling over 10 million albums in the U.S. alone, West had huge commercial success.
On November 22nd 2010, 3 years after his mother Donda’s passing. West released his fifth studio album titled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Commonly shortened to MBDTF, West’s album received rave reviews and is celebrated as one of West’s best albums. Showing his full potential as a rapper, lyricist, and producer, West includes elements of his past four albums into his magnum opus.
In order to analyze the album, we first must look behind the scenes. MBDTF is the darkest period of Kanye’s life and this reflects in his music. He explores what comes after reaching star status and what fame has done to him.…

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