Kamil Language Analysis

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The analysis of Kamil’s classroom work, test scores, as well as brief interviews I conducted with him in English and Polish indicate Kamil’s quick acquisition of the second language. According to several research studies, children who are taught to read and write in both their first and second languages at the same time, were successful in learning the second language (Slavin & Cheung, 2005). When Kamil moved to the U.S., he had already had a strong foundation of his first language, and what is more, he speaks, listens, and reads in Polish every day. Those skills might have been crucial in helping Kamil learn and comprehend the second language quicker. I believe that Kamil’s language errors will be eliminated with time, and Kamil’s English …show more content…
Activities such as “Dominoes” in which Kamil focuses on initial and ending sound of the words, or “Reading by Analogy”, in which Kamil breaks apart words, and think of other known words to help him read the parts, may add to the improvement of Kamil’s decoding skills. The CORE assessment revealed Kamil’s need in learning English consonant sounds. Kamil may benefit from this language intervention through game-like activities such as “Sound Bingo”, “Sound Booklets”, “Toss the Cube”, and/or “Tongue Twisters”.
The results of the running record assessment indicate that Kamil was using multiple cueing systems with the predominance of visual information. The results suggest that Kamil was not using self-monitoring strategies effectively. He could benefit from improving his ability to self-monitor himself while reading, when he is provided with self-monitoring strategies. “Record, Check, Chart” is the activity which involves reading the passage into a recording device, and performing the following steps:
• Kamil follows the text, listens to the recording, and checks each error with a black
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They read to him in both languages, take him to the library to check out books, watch English and Polish movies together, and use Polish while talking to Kamil. It is very important that his parents continue these practices as Kamil grows older, but it is also essential that Kamil can be provided with opportunities to produce Polish in the writing and reading areas. In order to support a development of Polish language, Kamil’s parents can help him translate the vocabulary words, and then ask him to incorporate the new words into comic strips or write stories using one of the mentioned websites and apps. Kamil’s parents can also support his reading fluency by listening to him read Polish texts and read with him in

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