Analysis Of Kamil 's Classroom Work Essay

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The analysis of Kamil’s classroom work, test scores, as well as brief interviews I conducted with him in English and Polish indicate Kamil’s quick acquisition of the second language. According to several research studies, children who are taught to read and write in both their first and second languages at the same time, were successful in learning the second language (Slavin & Cheung, 2005). When Kamil moved to the U.S., he had already had a strong foundation of his first language, and what is more, he speaks, listens, and reads in Polish every day. Those skills might have been crucial in helping Kamil learn and comprehend the second language quicker. I believe that Kamil’s language errors will be eliminated with time, and Kamil’s English language skills will progress with teachers’ scaffolding, patience, and understanding.
The results of the formal and informal assessments indicate that Kamil may benefit from further instruction in reading and decoding multisyllabic words and short vowels, self-monitoring, vocabulary building, writing, as well as practicing reading and writing in his native language. Below are the recommendations for each area of the instructional need.
The results of the CORE Phonics survey and the running record assessment indicate that Kamil has instructional needs in the areas of recognizing and decoding multi-syllabic words, as well as short vowel sounds and consonant sounds. In order to support Kamil needs in the area of decoding short…

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