Essay about Analysis Of Kamel Daoud 's ' The Stranger Leaves Us '

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In The Meursault Investigation, Kamel Daoud, takes off from where Camus’ The Stranger leaves us. He explores the aftermath of that book. While Camus’ story takes place from the point of view of the French in Algeria, Daoud’s story looks at the Arab experience and its result, the main characters wind up in much the same place. It could be that Daoud is telling us that not only are the European and Arabs much alike, there paths will eventually lead them to the same place, despite all their protestations. In this sense Harun is as much the absurd hero as Meursault, despite his attempts to distance himself from that possibility. While they experiences vary, they wind up in the same place.
No, discussion of The Stranger can begin without mentioning the Mother. So it is with Daoud. He takes the opposite approach as Camus in his opening line “Mama is still alive today” (Daoud 1). This at once separates his protagonist from Camus, whose main character’s mother’s death is mentioned in the opening paragraph, and links the two tightly. By mentioning the mother as being alive Daoud is telling us that the journey will be a longer and more complicated one. By doing this Daoud is stating that the two characters are now off on their journey of self-discovery, and we will see a longer evolution then in the stranger that only begins after the death of the main character’s mother. That the two are linked in this way is no accident and this is mention shortly after the novel starts.

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