Analysis Of Kaling 's Book, Why Not Me Essay

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Mindy Kaling, Girl Scouts, and Maturing Women
“Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold”; This catchy phrase repeats itself over and over in the mind of any devoted girl scout. While Mindy Kaling may not be the cookie-selling, vest-wearing girl scout that dutifully sings this tune, the phrase still rings true in Kaling’s book, Why Not Me?. Kaling spends chapter after chapter analyzing and retelling stories of her private life. These stories range from relationship drama to career struggles and how Kaling overcame the obstacles in her path. However, the stories that should resonate most with Kaling’s target audience, young American women, are those of friendships gained, friendships lost, and friendships put through the trials of time and distance.
Kaling is an award-winning American-Indian actress, writer, producer, and, most importantly, comedian. After graduating from Dartmouth College, Kaling began her impressive career working as a writer and actress for the hit television series, The Office. From there, Kaling garnered America’s attention with her very own television series appropriately titled, The Mindy Project. This series is currently being aired on Hulu. With her newfound popularity, Kaling allowed her fans a peek into her life and her innermost thoughts by writing two autobiographies: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? written in 2011 and Why Not Me? written and published in 2015. The second and most recent book is the focus of my…

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