Analysis Of Kahlo 's ' Thinking About Death ' Essay examples

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Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 and passed away in 1954, at the age of 47. Throughout her life she had many struggles and health problems; she had polio at the age of 6, almost died at the age of 18 in a traffic accident, and at the age of 25, suffered from a horrific abortion. Her husband Diego Rivera cheated on her three years later with her sister leaving her heartbroken and divorced for two years until they remarried with a dis harmonised marriage. At the age of 37 Kahlo began experiencing a disheartening pain through her right leg and foot that had to be amputated. Kahol had 35 surgeries throughout her life and developed an addiction to alcohol and painkillers.
“Thinking About Death” is an artwork created by Kahlo in 1943, she created this work around the time period when she was suffering from health issues and bed bound. This artwork is a self-portrait, oil on canvas and was painted in Mexico City, it is 17 ½" x 14 ½”. Over Kahlo’s lifetime death was a reoccurring subject that was always in her thoughts, this is shown in her artwork as there is a small skull and crossbones placed in the center of the artwork on her forehead. The colours through the painting are very dull, dimmed, faded, and are soft that resemble the idea of being old, tired, forgotten or fading away. The trees in the background are a symbol of life, freedom and the world juxtaposed with the dark grey skull and crossbones in the center resembling death, torture and pain. All of these images are…

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