Pulena Analysis

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How to forget the reggae, a musical genre in English language practiced in Jamaica, characterized by the use of an acoustic guitar and in which the singer usually tends to have braids in her hair. Due to their large acceptance by the black population, this genre expands throughout America. Arriving in Panama due to the construction of the Panama Canal, people take it as their own genre and ends up calling it the “reggae in Spanish” or better known as "Plena". But what is special about this genre? What do Panamanians think about it? Let´s take a look at what this music style represents for the Panamenians..
“Plena” contemplates two generations throughout its history, the first generation exposes artists like Renato and Nando Boom as their exponents.
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His songs differ if we compare with the songs of Kafu, but they are equally appealing to the public in general. Something that differentiates Danger Man is that he practiced Christianity, not like the others Rastafarian artists. Their lyrics are explicitly oriented to "ghetto", and because of its contents, he had enmities with other artists. According to a biography published in musica.com, he had enmities with Aldo ranks, Mr. Fox, and even with kafu Banton. Unfortunately, he was killed in 2008, however, his memory is still present in their fans, additionally, and other artists constantly pay tribute to him, either during their presentations or in press conferences. Some of his best hits are “Cachazo”, “Bienvenido a Bagdad”, a song where he responded to a previous song made by kafu Banton. Even though the enmities, the fans enjoyed it because the lyrics became much more interesting. Manuel Diaz, a 20-year-old Usma student, thinks, “Danger Man is the most significant artist of the “Plena” genre, there won´t be another singer like him, with his personality, besides that he did not care what people thought of him, he focused on doing what he really liked, that was writing songs and singing.

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