Analysis Of Julius Caesar 's ' Caesar ' Essay example

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Two tribunes, or military leaders, Flavius and Murellus, find many Romans neglecting their work to see Julius Caesar’s triumphal parade as Caesar defeated the sons of Pompey, who was his archrival when Pompey was alive, in battle. Flavius and Murellus scold the citizens as they are not doing their jobs and remove some decorations from Caesar’s statues. Caesar comes in with his entourage, including military and political people like Brutus, Cassius, and Mark Antony. A Soothsayer meets Caesar and tells him to “beware the Ides of March,” but Caesar ignores the message and carries on with his celebration.
Cassius and Brutus, both old friends of Caesar and each other, talk about how Brutus has seemed distant. Brutus replies that he has been fighting with himself about everything going on. Cassius wishes Brutus could see what others see, as only then would Brutus would realize how respected he is. Brutus fears that the people want Caesar to become a king, overturning the ideals of a republic. Cassius rebuts by saying that Caesar is treated as if he was a god, even though he was a regular man, just like both of them. Cassius remembers times where Caesar had been weak physically, and is surprised that the same man has become the most powerful person in the Roman Empire. He blames the lack of will for both himself and Brutus, allowing Caesar to rise to power. Cassius believes that the rise of someone as weak as Caesar really was cannot be what fate had intended for. Brutus considers…

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