Analysis Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the novel, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, honesty and faithfulness play an essential role in the development of the characters in the tragedy. During the time of Julius Caesar, greed for power and glory run amok. Men seeking that often had to turn to cruel and heartless ways to get what they wanted. An example of someone like that was Cassius, a successful nobleman and general that was becoming increasingly jealous at his leader 's ever growing power and decided to take matters into his own hands. He manipulated his noble brother, Brutus, who was Caesar 's most trusted friend, and others into joining a conspiracy to assassinate their Caesar. After the assassination, everything was going according to plan until a man known as Mark Antony, a cunning politician, decided to change the citizen 's perception on the recent events leading to an all-out war against Brutus and Cassius. The fighting devastated Rome and its inhabitants. In the end, Antony proves too strong and Cassius and Brutus ended up committing suicide to avoid capture and humiliation. Dishonesty and falseness prove to be a contributing factor to their downfall. The most important theme in this story is manipulation and the three characters used to prove this theme are Julius Caesar, Descius Brutus, and Mark Antony. William Shakespeare first presents the technique of manipulation and persuasion throughout the opening of the play through the character, Cassius. Cassius realizes that his brother, the…

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