Analysis Of Julio Cortazar 's ' Axolotl And The Night Face Up '

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Have you ever read a story, where you are so interested in what is going on; and then within the last seconds of reading, the whole story is flipped upside down? This is exactly how I felt while reading Julio Cortázar’s work in, Axolotl and The Night Face Up. I have watched multiple movies, television shows, and read books with magical realism at the end, but never have I read a story with these kinds of endings. The reason I am picking these two stories, is because of the effect that it had on me, by it’s crazy ending, and fictional situations in the story. This authors’ illustrations made me think, re-read, and analyze the readings thoroughly. Other readings that I have read, made me question the odd things going on, but never have I realized how much a story can gain your attention, until now. In this paper, I will discuss the odd things that were illustrated in these readings, the emotional shock at the end of the readings, and the appreciation of the authors’ brilliant work. I really admire Julio Cortázar’s work; from the way he tells his stories, to the twisted endings that he adds to the end. I noticed, after reading his stories, that in his description it says, “Readers of his work soon recognize that an atmosphere of hallucination, a poetry of disorientation, pervades all of Cortázar’s fiction” (pg??????. 353). I completely agree with this statement, and understand why readers’ recognize his hallucination and disorientation. We see hallucination in both of these…

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