Essay about Analysis Of Julia Alvarez 's ' The Time Of The Butterflies '

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In Julia Alvarez 's novel, “In the Time of the Butterflies,” we see how women treated during the Rafael Trujillo’s dictatorship. Throughout the Trujillo’s empire, the women of the Dominican Republic are expected to be no more than housewives and lacking of a proper education. Women may be loved like treasures, but they are not expected to have impact on government. Role of women in the novel is very powerful. Minerva is one of the women who seek for independence and individuality rights.
Throughout the novel, we have seen that Rafael Trujillo turned the Dominican Republic into his personal playground. He was the ideal statue of country. However, in the shadows of that ideal statue, he was torturing and harassing anyone who was against his regime. It seems like he forced women to love him. He controlled people’s lives, family, religion, and even their feelings through threatening of death as he was the ultimate power. Trujillo sees women as sex objects. Till 1960 in Dominican Republic man 's place used to be to get their basic education and to get a considerable job that would bring income for his family. Women were not expected to go school or to get a job. When Minerva tells her family that she wants to become a lawyer, her Mother does not take her thoughts seriously. " 'Ay, Dios mio, spare me. ... Just what we need, skirts in the law '" (10). It’s just because women like Minerva do not typically think like other females. Her dream was almost impossible, because during…

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