Analysis Of Joss Whedon 's Film Essay

1822 Words Dec 16th, 2016 8 Pages
As the thrill and nostalgia for Western films fizzled out, the appeal of space travel became the forefront of interest among movie goers. Joss Whedon’s short lived show Firefly depicted life in the world 500 years into the future after a civil war between the galactic government known as the Alliance, and the rebel forces known as the Browncoats. Whedon’s film Serenity, is a continuation of the show that follows Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew. The film falls into the space western genre, and Malcolm Reynolds displays characteristics of a futuristic cowboy. Unlike the television series, the film gives background to Miranda, a utopian city where River Tam was taken by the Alliance for her training, however it is more so a dystopian environment. Along with the dystopian characteristics, the film also is a social commentary on diplomacy and colonialism. Whedon’s film was a fan-service to fans of the television series cancelled too soon, yet, it serves much more with political issues of a government set on colonizing worlds for their own benefit with western film influences, as well as controlling the citizen’s speech. The planet of Miranda was colonized by the Alliance under the guise of a new colony being created. Though it was a peaceful place, the government was artificially created by chemically altering air flow to modify the behavior of the colonists that resided there. In spite of that, their project failed and the inhabitants stopped working, stopped…

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