Analysis Of Josh Fischman 's Criminal Minds Essay

1023 Words Jan 18th, 2016 null Page
Throughout Josh Fischman’s “Criminal Minds” there is an astounding amount of transitional phrases between paragraphs. However, there are three that stood out to me among the others. The first transition to attract my attention was in the beginning of the story while Adrian Raine was explaining that there might be a possibility of detecting if a child has a chance of becoming a criminal in adulthood. Raine begins by saying “So if I could tell you, as a parent, that your child has a 75-percent chance of becoming a criminal, wouldn’t you want to know and maybe have the chance to do something about it?” This quote immediately grasped my attention and I became anxious to see what was coming next. Fischman then transitions into the next paragraph and starts by stating that predicting criminality makes a lot of people nervous. He then goes on in the paragraph to explain why some might think that trying to predict criminality might not be the best idea and on some levels might possibly ruin an individual’s future. The next transition that I found interesting was when Fischman was explaining Raine’s line of work and past experiences. He explains that one of Raine’s major lines of research was a long term study of children that involved measuring physiological reactivity in young ages to see if there were any patterns that related to bad behavior decades later. However, Fischman moves into the next paragraph to explain that testing and following children for years is not a simple…

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