Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' The Vagueness Of Human Behavior

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In relevance to _____, another idea explored in Heart of Darkness is the ambiguity of human nature. Ambiguity itself is defined as the unclearness or indefinite aspect of something, and an individual’s way of being is certainly a mysterious concept with countless blurry lines. In Joseph Conrad’s novella, the vagueness of human behavior is displayed when Marlow visits the company’s doctor before departing on his voyage into the Congo. At his appointment, which was described as “a simple formality” (Conrad, 15) by the secretary of the office, the medic asks Marlow if he can measure the size of his cranium after having completed the basic check-up. Although Marlow is a bit taken aback by this odd request, he agrees and allows the doctor to calculate the perimeter of his skull. The doctor reveals that he measures the heads of all those going out into the Congo, but when asked if he checks up on the same men on their arrival, he claims the men do not stop by for a second appointment (Conrad, 16). An interpretation of this remark would be that the men do not come back from the Congo whatsoever because if they did return home, the doctor would definitely see them around as well as attempt to follow up with a second measuring.
After a couple of invasive questions regarding his family 's medical history, an annoyed Marlow asks if the doctor considers himself to be some sort of psychiatrist, to which the doctor replies, “’Every doctor should be- a little.’…I have a little theory…

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