Essay about Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

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Ernest Hemingway, an American novelist, short story writer, and journalist, once wrote, “When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature” (153). When writing Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad did not have to create living people because the majority of his characters are accurate representations of the people in his life. In fact, the main character, Charlie Marlow, can be viewed as an autobiographical figure. Conrad’s novel accounts the adventures of his early life, told through the voice of Marlow. Just different versions of the same person, the fictional character and the author share a variety of striking similarities. Conrad and his character have analogous backgrounds, ideas, interests, and experiences. As Marlow recounts his journey to his friends on the Thames, Conrad is recounting his journey to his readers. C. F. Burgess, author of “Joseph Conrad” in the Critical Survey of Long Fiction, stated, “The real-life Charlie Marlow was born Josef Korzeniowski” (6). His father, Apollo Korzeniowski, was a fervent Polish patriot, and his activities against Russian repression caused his arrest and exile. After being sent to Vologda, a town northeast of Moscow, Josef’s mother, Ewelina, developed tuberculosis and passed away when Josef was only seven years old. Within only a few years, Apollo was released from exile because of ill health and died shortly after. At the age of eleven years old, Josef had lost both of…

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