Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness follows the tale of Charlie Marlow, a British seaman. Set in the heart of the Congo, Marlow drives a steamboat for “the Company”, a Belgian ivory trading firm. Throughout his journey, he meets Mr. Kurtz, the star agent of the company. As the story progresses, Mr. Kurtz goes through stages of madness coinciding with his need for more ivory, which raises the theme of madness. Ultimately, it is imperialism which brings Kurtz to the Congo, and a product of imperialism, greed, which brings him to his madness. Because mankind is never meant to supersede the highest authority, which is what imperialism allows, once above all arbiters, mankind goes mad.
Heart of Darkness starts off with Marlow sitting on the Thames coast, along with a few others. He tells them about his travels in a steamboat up the Congo River, and for the rest of the story, the readers are taken through Marlow’s story. The main characters are Marlow, who is the traditional hero, and Kurtz, who is the evil genius type. Marlow gets a job as a riverboat captain for the Company, a Dutch organization that trades ivory based out of a Dutch colony in the Congo. At the Company’s stations in the Congo, Marlow sees brutality and chaos. Marlow goes to the central station, run by the manager, who is a seemingly untrustworthy character. After a few weeks, Marlow’s previously wrecked ship is repaired, and Marlow and the manager set out, on a difficult voyage up the river. Marlow and the crew…

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