Essay on Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

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Lexicon, a rather advanced word deemed superior to that of vocabulary, yet mean the same. The diction used in societies is perhaps the greatest gauge of intelligence. But why that society uses such terminology is not based upon human to human tutelage alone, better yet our surroundings influence equally or greater than that of a classroom. Analyzing far enough back, nature swayed decisions quicker than any roundtable could. In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad writes about the complexities and faults in humanity’s perception towards race and culture; moreover, the quest in answering this question sheds light upon the effects surroundings can invoke and how that relates back to society’s plight of pride and prejudice. Yet for the purpose of this analysis the arguments for and against racism will not be addressed as not to skew the intent, which is to analyze the effects surroundings play in individuals and society, as a whole.
What defines a woman of society? Is it her features, attire, or mannerisms? Or is it the conformity she develops to the atrocities of her counter parts, in less than frivolous areas. Joseph Conrad isolates two instances in which the women portrayed symbolizes her society, or surroundings. Within one of these another women can be analyzed in order further understanding. As such, Kurtz’s Intended and Marlow’s Aunt both represent the fragility and impracticality in the civilized society. Even at the very end the Intended is sparred the realities of life for…

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