Analysis Of Jordana Confino As An Average High School Student

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The first two paragraphs of the except introduces Jordana Confino as an average high school student who is inspired to make a change in the lives of women all over the world. The authors begin by describing Confino. The readers learn about where she was born, her appearance, and personality traits. The authors also give Confino a sense of importance by stating, “Jordana could have just alighted from a prom queen’s throne.” By including this statement, the authors acknowledge Jordana’s importance and high standing in school. The authors then continue by explaining that Jordana expects equal rights as her birthright, which is a contrast to the way some females all over the globe live. The authors also describe Jordana as “oozing self-confidence” and enjoys an upper-middle class lifestyle. These different characteristic are displayed through juxtaposition. Although it’s hidden, it provides the contrast of an individual in a first world country and a female in a third world country. The beginning of the passage also has a periodic sentence in hopes of grabbing the reader 's attention. The paragraph begins with a statement that the “frontline” of woman abuse is centered in poor countries and states the main claim that change can happen anywhere. Also, in this portion, Jordana’s mother Lisa Confino is mentioned; she helps build Jordana’s credibility in her interest and knowledge of gender inequality, especially concerning the issue of girl’s education.
The third paragraph of the…

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