Analysis Of John Tesh's Intelligence For Your Life

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In John Tesh’s ‘Intelligence For Your Life,” he asks the question “Should Boys and Girls be Kept in Separate Classrooms?” doing some quick research through The American Psychological Association he compares the pros and cons of whether or not it is the best way to teach children. On one hand, through a biological standpoint, he believes boys and girls learn in different ways and need to be taught accordingly. When preparing to take tests boys should decrease their energy to help them focus on the test by running around, whereas girls should do more exercises to help them remain calm like yoga. People often critique this form of education claiming it increases discrimination and stereotypes between the students. People also question how students …show more content…
Research showed from the studies supported the notion that same-sex school students do not benefit more than those who are not.
‘The Intelligence For Your Life’ article is quite accurate, though it lacks some critical information. The source article talks how there are a few reasons why people believe that same-sex schooling is beneficial. One is because of the biological differences between boys and girls in which they learn in different ways and require different teaching techniques. The source article talks of how boys learn better with bringing in competition to their learning whereas girls are more cooperation based. John Tesh briefly mentions these biological differences in his article when he talks about the microphones for the males hearing but he fails to mention other reasons why people support same-sex schooling which is talked about in the source article. Supporters believe that same-sex schooling is very advantageous to girls because women typically have a lower number in careers and grades relating to math

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