Analysis: Should Boys And Girls Be Kept In Separate Classrooms?

In John Tesh’s ‘Intelligence For Your Life,” he asks the question “Should Boys and Girls be Kept in Separate Classrooms?” doing some quick research through The American Psychological Association he compares the pros and cons of whether or not it is the best way to teach children. On one hand, through a biological standpoint, he believes boys and girls learn in different ways and need to be taught accordingly. When preparing to take tests boys should decrease their energy to help them focus on the test by running around, whereas girls should do more exercises to help them remain calm like yoga. People often critique this form of education claiming it increases discrimination and stereotypes between the students. People also question how students will interact with each other one they graduate since they never …show more content…
This article goes more depth about the minorities not benefitting in this split up environment. “... students are most likely to benefit from school integration accompanied by deliberate attention to equal educational opportunities and high expectations. The public schools need to provide equal opportunities for vulnerable students who often face discrimination...” (Klein, 2012, 6). Whereas in John Tesh’s article it is non-existent and in the source article it is just touched upon. The reference article also talks about how in some studies it shows some success like in attendance in college classes but it's more likely because of the funding and resources (Klein, 2012). Klein also mentions reason why students like sex segregated classroom, mostly it’s because they have a closer relationships with their teachers and students because of the smaller class

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