Analysis Of John Taylor Gatto 's ' Dumbing Us Down : Weapons Of Mass Instruction '

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Common Core: Standardizing Inadequacy
In John Taylor Gatto’s essay “Dumbing Us Down: Weapons Of Mass Instruction,” John argues that the current liberal state of the education system is in need of public reform and recognition. John explains that our current education system is structured to discourage self-discovery by cramming mind-numbing busy work down student’s throats, stifling creativity. John expounds the current education system is creating a quiet lower and middle class that keeps busy and helps capitalism maintains its influence by feeding the low wage labor pool, making big business possible. John warns that we must be vocal of our discontent with the system, and oppose anything that will bolster the systems current state. John’s theory is correct; creating a system with more classical hands on approach to learning would be more beneficial to students. With the current adoption of Common Core amongst most of the United States, this traditional approach is becoming less prevalent, and will create an even larger achievement gap between the socioeconomic classes.
Common Core was created to be a set of academic standards in English language arts that outline what a student should comprehend in a certain grade level. These standards were made so that all students graduate from high school capable and prepared for their college education, their career, and their life, regardless of their upbringing. The problem with this, however, is that people who had funding and…

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