Essay on Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Pearl '

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The author of ‘The Pearl’, John Steinbeck wrote a novella about how a man becomes completely obsessed over an inanimate object, a pearl. This obsession and greed leads to death and tragedy. The protagonist, Kino, finds a magnificent pearl. The pearl’s value and worth leads to the greed of others and the overprotective nature Kino adapts. He succumbs to obsession, greed and anger. This ultimately leads to the death of men and his own son. Steinbeck positions the reader to believe that Kino is responsible for the tragedy brought upon his family. The narrative, characterisation and symbolism of ‘The Pearl’ display and prove how Kino brought tragedy upon his family.
The author, Steinbeck uses characterisation to prove that Kino is responsible for the tragedy brought upon his family. Kino’s obsession and overprotection of the pearl links to his irrational attitude and thinking. Through these traits of Kino’s character one can see that Kino is responsible for the tragedy that befell his family. When he is faced with a problem he reacts using anger as a solution, this leads to further tragedy. Kino is troubled by the fear of losing the pearl. The pearl represents his dreams of a better life. Juana, desperately trying to save her family from the evil that is happening tries to get rid of the pearl. Kino and his violence before thinking attitude results in a him lashing out. The outcome of this fit of rage resulted in tragedy, a man dead and his wife beaten. Kino’s anger and rage…

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