Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Pearl ' Essay

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The writer Steinbeck demonstrates his timeless vision across a broad platform of artistic writings. He suffered through the great depression and came to communicate his ailments through literature. As Steinbeck continually crafted stories and tales, the quality of his work dramatically accelerated. The writer’s books are now studied in institutions around the world. His name gained traction in the educated community as each novel was analyzed and understood. Books including Of Mice and Men, The Red Pony, and The Pearl were all written by Steinbeck. The Pearl in particular has a resounding message. This story was written as a parable to exacerbate the feelings of the lower class. As with all great writers, Steinbeck drove for change. He wanted the world to acknowledge injustice between wealthy individuals and the general population. However, Steinbeck included many other issues such as women’s rights. An interesting paradigm through which to read The Pearl is that of a feminist. Every event within the novel is influenced by female figures. Yet, these women are swept away in the words and action of men. Steinbeck brilliantly captured the era’s thoughts on feminism through the role of women in The Pearl. The most significant woman in The Pearl is Juana. She is the wife of Kino, the main protagonist, and together the couple has a child named Coyotito. Juana is essential to the story because of her undying commitment and respect for Kino. Kino and Juana have faced financial…

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