Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of The Flies ' Essay

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This passage particularly struck me as Steinbeck explains what sets humanity apart from all other species—what makes us so different that we can excel and progress. Steinbeck explains that it is our hard work that builds us up, and in this way I believe he alludes to to the migrant workers as if to say that while they deserve fair wages, unions, and better working conditions, their hard work is not required to diminish. The quotation above adopts an almost biblical tone as it speaks of the toils of man, rapturous in its conviction that man 's muscles “[ache] to work” however everyone should still be treated equally and fairly. One reason I love this quote is that it differentiates what makes humanity so special compared to the rest of nature using beautiful language.

The novel takes on a different tone when Casy is killed by the police. Tom Joad is taken aback by the murder and is transformed into someone who is truly motivated to go about making change happen in the society. In the quote above Tom takes on an almost vigilante role in his rant, needing to take the law and justice into his own hands because he realizes the system is not going to fix itself. Tom adopts responsibility for all those suffering out there, setting himself on a mission to make things right. While Tom had seen some awful things before, it was witnessing a friend 's death—a friend with a mission—that truly set Tom into action. Casy wanted to unionize the workers, and by taking on that mission Tom…

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