Analysis Of John Proctor 's ' The Salem Witch Trials ' Essay

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John Proctor is a type of character that everyone can relate to. He has a dangerous background that haunts his life and he can’t share it because he will condemn himself to pretty much death. He committed one of the Ten Commandment with a woman who was of an age that now would be considered a federal offense. Her name Abigail and in the story she was seventeen. In the Puritan community the first person you have sex with is supposed to be the person you marry. Abigail was a woman with a shady background and she had no problem with doing whatever would help her the most. One day she was caught in the woods doing things she was not supposed to do with a bunch of teens and “young adults.” When she was caught, she lied her way around the facts and started an epidemic way bigger than herself, called the Salem Witch Trials. In these witch trials countless of people were accused of witchery by a bunch of the same girls who were in the woods that night. In the beginning there has been just a few accused of committing the crime, then it spiraled into almost all of the town of Salem. Among those accused were John Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was saved by her pregnancy, but John had no way out. He felt like he had to save himself because he was different than the others in the jail. When he got this feeling he decided that he would agree with the claims of himself being a witch. He then figured out that his life was not any less important than those he was imprisoned with.…

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