Analysis Of John Proctor 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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In this quotation, Proctor is speaking to Abigail about their problems from the past. Proctor tries to get away from his problems with her because it has brought him shame and doubt in his life. Abigail would be significant because she explains the details of what has happened back in the past with John Proctor. She tries to take away or kill John Proctor’s wife as of taking him for herself. In the world today, many people are seen to have lust or greed because of how they are feeling. Some people just cannot detach from what they have done that changed their life drastically by doing something that would feel right. Though many people can see life as a great privilege, others would take advantage of a situation and shape it into many problems. At this point of the story,Rebecca is speaking to all of the people in the room. This was to explain that the children have not done much in life, as they are children. She is significant because she is speaking from wise words, as she is an old woman that has lived through most of her life. She wanted to give the children sympathy for the problem because if the children are accounted for as guilty, they may not be able to flourish the rest of their life. It hurts Rebecca to see that children are having the rest of their life taken away from them because of a false accusation. In our society, children are influenced by adult. They can show the ability to do many nasty things if they see examples of it. For example in china, parents…

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