Essay Analysis Of John Milton 's ' Paradise Lost '

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In Paradise Lost, written by John Milton it tells the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This 17th Century epic poem explains how Adam and Eve were so easily persuaded to sin by Satan after God told them to not eat the forbidden fruit. This act of sin expresses how easily people can be persuaded in a negative way by outside cultures, in this case: hell. Satan is portrayed as a strong powerful leader with very strong persuading skills. Satan and God had an ongoing competition with each other but God won the fight, which led Satan wanting to seek revenge. Furthermore, after Satan fell from heaven he was on a hunt to look for a way that he could get back at God for forcing him to expulse from heaven. Satan chose to go to the sacred place known as the Garden of Eden. In the garden is spotted two people named, Adam and Eve. In book four lines 358-361, Satan says, “O Hell! What do my eyes with grief behold, into of our room of bliss thus high advanced creatures of other mold, earth-born perhaps, not spirits yet to heav’nly spirits bright little inferior (4:358-361).” Satan is describing Adam and Eve as happy creature that he could almost love. He perhaps saying they haven’t been “corrupted” by his self and the darkness of hell. Satan almost cannot stand the happiness of Adam and Eve and he feels like he needs to do something to make them join the dark side. Satan feels that if…

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