Analysis Of John Locke 's ' Two Treatises Of Government ' Essay

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According to my sources John Locke was the most influential political scientist to pave the way for the American Constitution. His most famous contribution to our formal democracy is an essay entitled ‘Two Treatises of Government.’ The first treatise was an argument against the divine monarchy a controversial issue at the time back in England. The second treatise is about the government role in society, which overall it shall protect its citizen’s rights to life, liberty and property. At last his greatest impact was the idea that a government can be overthrown by its own people if considered to be tyrannical.
The thought behind the three branches of government was separation of power. Montesquieu, a French political scientist emphasized that “power must be used to balance power.” Stating that separating the powers prevented corruption amongst the government. In Britain there was already a legislative branch and an executive branch of power adding the judicial branch to the United States Constitution is much like a game of rock paper scissors one overpowers the other creating balance. This idea usurped from his book “The Spirit of the Laws.”
James Madison was Virginia’s representative during the construction of the American Constitution, at the Constitutional Convention he was the chief recorder as well. Alongside with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay they published the “Federalist Papers.” James Madison was also known as the “Father of the Constitution.” Originally he…

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