Analysis Of John Locke 's The Republic Essay examples

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Since human beings first started to roam the Earth, there have always been hierarchies within our small communities and large societies. These social structures have helped lead civilizations by making difficult decisions that would hopefully be advantageous to the masses and to give their respective community some security and stability in their lives. Technically, you could call this group of people a government. For centuries on end, governments have been equally analyzed as well as criticized plus we have been given innumerable perspectives on this extremely broad topic. With that being said, there are five main philosophers who gave their input about politics, humanity and society. The philosophy that seemed more to have more logic was John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government. Nevertheless, the remaining four philosophies shall be described in this composition. Over two millennia ago, the renowned writer and philosopher Plato released his book The Republic which included an allegory entitled The Cave. This section of the book compares truth or rather a fact to an opinion. Using metaphoric language, Plato makes the prisoners in this story a symbol for somebody who is ignorant – purposely or not- and chains to symbolize being shackled to a certain belief and not being educated otherwise. Along with the image of the fire which represents a partial truth, the light of the sun which is a whole truth and the shadows upon the wall that the puppeteers broadcast to these…

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