Analysis Of John Lewis 's ' The ' Essay

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Unfairness in Lights and Shadows
Racism is the biggest issue that exist in our current society, the blacks are treated awful in many ways back in the 1960s and it still continues today. It will never disappear in the future unless we all work hard and fight together. However, the situation has improved during the past 70 years as many famous civil rights movement heroes improved the civil right for individuals.

J ohn Lewis, an African American released his third book in the ‘March’ trilogy. The book focuses on the civil right movements and the writer’s (John Lewis) cruel civil rights experiences. This has been given attention on the news because the trilogy has a great background history and influenced a lot of people.

Recently, John Lewis, an African American released his third book the ‘March’ trilogy. Many people have bought his books to read about the tragic and uncivilized ways that African Americans were treated before the famous marches of the civil right movement. Lewis tells us that Negroes were treated badly and it still continues. He also shows the importance of the civil rights movement. There were a number of ugly racist acts against Negroes back in the 1960s: Segregation was prolific as the white community isolated the black people everywhere, they were even segregated in many public places with unequal rights. However, these days’ people are starting to forget those black histories. It is people like Lewis, Lee and Mann…

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