Analysis Of John Lennon 's ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” (John Lennon). In Of Mice and Men there was a short, quick, responsible, and was very protective of Lennie this man 's name was George. To George there was his best friend and his companion was named Lennie. Lennie was a nice, tall, and not so smart guy but there was a very deep bond between the two. They were inseparable. The two were on their way to a farm/ranch going to find a job for the two to get to their big American Dream. In that farm they met a couple of nice guys which one was a old guy who had only one hand. The old man was a shy guy but his name was Candy. George and Lennie invited Candy to join their dream.. of buying land and living ‘off the fat of the land’. The three of them also had one thing in common… their dream affected who they were. Dreams affected the 3 characters of Of Mice and Men by Lennie trying his best, Candy being more courageous, and George becoming more of a leader role.
Firstly, Lennie 's dream of wanting to tend rabbits made him try his best to not do anything to get him in trouble. In which made him become more cautious of the choices he makes. By this he makes a big deal when he messes up or when he thinks he will not be able to tend the rabbits he gets very sad. First quote says “ Blood welled from his nose. ‘George’ he cried. ‘Make ‘um let me alone, George’”(Steinbeck 31). This was a action and saying of Lennie that showed that he was scared to do…

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