Essay on Analysis Of John Green 's Looking For Alaska

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“Ya’ll smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die.” John Green’s Looking for Alaska explores the concepts of life and death, or more specifically how to live and die. Main character, Miles Halter, desires an exciting life and decides to leave the safety of his home to attend Culver Creek boarding school. Here he meets trailer-bred genius Chip “the Colonel” Martin. The Colonel introduces him to a life of fun and mischief. More importantly, Miles discovers the beautiful, clever, and self-destructive Alaska Young. When Alaska dies in a car crash, he is consumed with grief and confusion. Throughout the rest of the novel, Miles and the Colonel try to unravel the mystery of whether her death was suicidal or accidental. The theme of memorialization appears when Miles struggles with the death of Alaska. The theme of life and death is explored at the beginning when Miles leaves for Culver Creek and when his class discusses the “labyrinth” of life. Mystery is a prominent theme in the novel and appears when Alaska dies. In addition to these three themes, the reader witnesses Miles, Alaska, and Chip each progress differently. Also, the white flower is a powerful symbol seen throughout the story and appears in the scene of the accident, a memory of Chip’s, and a drawing on a phone booth.
Memorialization is one of the most prominent themes seen throughout the novel. Alaska is defined by others by her ability to quote poems about sadness and femininity. However, Alaska defines herself by the memory…

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