Analysis Of John Donne 's ' The Death Of Death ' Essay

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Donne expresses the need to remove the stigma around death and perceive it as inconsequential.Death is not brought up in everyday conversation and people often elude the thought of death when it does come up. Death is feared and dreaded by most people, but Donne veers away from this stigma. Death is personified in this poem and is talked down upon by Donne. He mocks death by comparing it to drugs and potions, which deal out the same fate, but drugs and potions are thought less of than death. Furthermore, death is a slave to “fate, chance, kings, and desperate men”. It is these things and people that decide on who or who doesn’t die. Death does not partake in any of these decisions. It just deals with whatever decisions are made, having no influence. Moreover, Donne further mocks Death’s position by describing it as pleasurable. Sleep and rest are enjoyable by people and are just the mere stimulation of death. In that case death, itself must be even more pleasurable. This is why “our best men” die the soonest, as they get to enjoy death sooner .Donne thinks of death as just a short period of nothingness, in which after coming an eternal life. Where death itself dies, as that person never has to die again. Overall, death is not as mighty or powerful as it thinks it is. On the contrary, Keats expresses a complete fear of death, in “When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be”. Unlike Donne’s unabashedly tone towards death, Keats portrays a salient fear of death. Keats…

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