Analysis Of John Barton 's ' The Death Of Mary ' Essay

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The first relationship to be damaged by the poor economic climate is that of Mary and her Father. Gaskell begins the novel with the death of Mary 's mother, which is a pivotal moment in the life of the Barton family that predominates over the rest of the plot, which has become divided into periods of before and after. Prior to the death of the elder Mary, the family is spending an afternoon resting in the countryside which is described as having "a charm about them, which strikes even the inhabitant of a mountainous district, who sees and feels the effect of contrast in these common-place but thoroughly rural fields, with the busy, bustling manufacturing town he left but half an hour ago" (Gaskell, 5). Already contrast has come into play, with the fields and the countryside as a space of life and happiness while the factory and the crowded city eventually becoming a place of desperation and death. At this point in the novel, John Barton is a relatively happy and affection man, who Gaskell describes as "he was one from whom a stranger would have asked a favor and with tolerable faith had it granted"(7). This is altered greatly however after the elder Mary Barton 's passing which happens quite suddenly, most likely as the result of a difficult labor as well as the added stress from her sister’s disappearance. The consequence of this is that John becomes "harsh and silent with others" (22) but with Mary "there existed in full force that mysterious bond which unites those who…

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