Analysis Of Joe 's Family As A Family Essay

1060 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
The purpose of this essay is to analysis Joe’s family as a case study while Working as a family services professional, as a professional I will have to determine how Joe’s family can address the issues facing them in a more healthy ways. In other to do this first I will have to determine the needs of the family based on the life domain areas. Also I will first identify the answer to some of this important questions what are some of the family problems? What are some of the family strengths? And which ones would I want to prioritize using Life Domain Areas in the Helping Process? Secondly I will be suggesting some other areas where this family can also seek assistance/guidance. And lastly I will be using the term Horizontal axis to describe the family and their situation.

To begin I think some of this family’s strength is that they love each other and they are still together probably because they are still a very young family. I will be determining what Joe’s family need according to the importance in their situation at the moment. I think Joe’s family will benefit more from family support at this time in their life most especially just five month after the death of his wife the mother of his four children. Support from other member of the family most especially joe’s parent and maybe involve the deceases wife’s family in other to get the help that joe desperately need and also this may be able to serve as a sense of comfort for the children in the absence of their mother…

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