Analysis Of Joe Turner 's Come And Gone Essay examples

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Director’s Concept of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone
Joe Turner’s Come and Gone was written by American playwright August Wilson. The play is set in 1911, in a boardinghouse Pittsburgh and tells the story of African American struggles in a post-civil war environment.
There are several themes to highlight throughout the play with the central theme being resolve. Each one of the characters in this play is determined to achieve or maintain something; for example, Seth Holly is the owner of the boardinghouse and he is always stressing the respectful and proper reputation his home has always enjoyed.
Determination and conviction are exemplified by Herald Loomis as he has searched for his wife for four years after his seven year imprisonment in a chain gang had ended. He searched town after town determined to find her looking to understand why she had left him after he was taken away.
This play also revolves around the theme of community and hospitality that the boardinghouse creates to the African American community of the time. The boardinghouse was open to all and Bertha, Seth’s wife, would always offer anyone to sit down at the table and share some food and drink.
Mood and Atmosphere
The mood of the play is at times jovial and good humored as there are interactions between characters that help to bring down the seriousness of the environment. The mood can turn very serious at times as there is an aura of the unknown when Loomis is on set. Seth is not trusting of Loomis and…

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