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I chose the gospel talking about the temptations of Jesus when confronted with Satan. The gospel starts off with the Spirit leading Jesus into the wilderness. The way that the geography of Israel is setup the wilderness is representing the desert. When Jesus is lead to the desert he is in the process of fasting for forty days and nights. After he meets Satan the setting changes multiple times. The second setting is the Holy City aka Jerusalem. They are not just in the city they 're on top of the holy temple. Their next stop is the top of a high mountain. The name of this mountain peak is not stated. Satan takes Jesus here to view all of the kingdoms.
Along with the settings there is a conflict. Satan is the one causing the conflict.
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There are three main characters in this story the first being the Spirit. The Spirit is portrayed as a leader because he is the one leading Jesus to the wilderness. The next character is Jesus and Jesus is portrayed as a very pious man. Pious means that he is very religious in what he does. This would explain why Jesus is fasting. The final character is Satan. Satan is portrayed as a very cunning person. Satan is very smooth in his attempts to try to get Jesus to sin. Satan tries to get Jesus to sin by using his human side against himself. For example when he tries to get Jesus to make bread out of rocks. This would be feeding his human side because Satan is trying to get Jesus to feed his temporary human body rather than his spiritual body.
Many authors use symbolism to symbolize certain ideas without actually saying them. Matthew uses symbolism when talking about the forty days. The 40 days is symbolizing Jesus religious side, and God testing him. Fasting is the testing of the spiritual body. Along with symbolism Matthew uses metaphors. One them being the words of God. The words of God are spiritual
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In all three of this gospels they all talk about the same thing which is Satan trying to get Jesus to sin. There is one very big difference within these three. The difference is the length and descriptiveness of the story. Mark is very very short and doesn’t go in deep detail of what is happening. Matthew is kind of in between the two it is long and more descriptive than Mark. Luke is the longest and the most descriptive of them all. This could show us in what order these gospels were written. The early shorties of the bible were very short so this would put Mark being the first who wrote it, then it would be Matthew then

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