Kisses On The Bottom, By Jeff Turrentine

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The Art of Listening
Reproduction of originals is a quality that exists in all facets of life. Much of what is created lacks originality, instead, it is a reproduction or reinterpretation of a previous original idea. In Jeff Turrentine essay Why Some Covers Disappoint, he attempts to dissect what makes a good cover song, seeking to find answers about why some ‘copies’ are less impressive than the original. Paul McCartney’s album of covers “Kisses on the Bottom” which Turrentine dismisses as a failure of the artist to provide a creative remake of the original works is the main subject of his essay. Furthermore, Turrentine finds cover songs that lack a distinct difference from the original song or a controversial edge failure to deliver a quality
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Likewise, he expresses his disbelief by saying that the older artist who make cover records are narcissistic suggesting the musician who explores a different genre than their own is a desperate need for them to display their knowledge of musical catalogs. Personally, I love when a band does a cover song. I would argue that matter whether it is different or not because in most cases it is a song you have never heard before. If you listen to U2 you may have never listened to a Jimi Hendrix or Johnny cash song before. Likewise, if you listen to Johnny Cash you may have never heard a Nine Inch Nails song. When an established artist releases a cover song it helps to keep music fluid. It will help to takes today’s listener on a path down history lane possibly advancing their taste to broader ranges. Overall, I believe it doesn’t matter if the cover is a copy or a remix of the original, its ability to bridge generations through the reproduction of classic remains evident. I distinctively remember my much younger brother announcing how he ‘discovered’ a band called Led Zeppelin. When asked how he discovered this band he said that he had heard Stone Temple Pilots do a cover of Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin song) and wanted to know more about where the song came from. The song is a very close cover of the original, yet it still inspired a new generation to seek out the original and discover with it a whole new world of

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