Analysis Of Jean Paul-Sartre And Friedrich Nietzsche

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Both Jean Paul-Sartre and Friedrich Nietzsche are considered as existentialists whose philosophies share some important characteristics. Although Sartre illustrates how to make a truly moral decision, and Nietzsche presents how to become a true individual, they both make an attempt to replace traditional morality with their belief of authenticity. “You’re free, choose, that is, invent” said Sartre, showing his idea on how he thinks we should make decisions. In this essay, I will compare the similarity of their ideas towards human morality and show how Nietzsche’s belief can be superior to Satres. Existentialism and Human Emotion by Sartre presents the idea of authenticity, showing how truly moral decision can be made. He suggests that our …show more content…
It is obvious that both philosophers emphasizes on self-creation. They want us to live our lives on the path of authenticity, and that we need to reject any external influences. Both of them also show us the reason why we fail to become authentic; Sartre uses the word “bad faith”, while Nietzsche mentions “slave morality”. For Sartre, he encourages us to be free from everything. He suggests that to live and make the rational decision, we need recognizing our freedom. For Nietzsche, he believes that we shouldn’t hide our passions and our individual will from ourselves by following religions and traditional morality. Nietzsche believes that we can live authentic life by living our life as an artistic and supporting the individual. I personally believe that both concepts are really influential and they well reflect our today’s society. We can see that most people, who are successful in the society such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, are really authentic and very independent of the society. The Lego Movie can be a good example of being artistic and authentic. Emmet, a main character, is independent from his mass society, which makes him to become a successful man at the end. I believe that to be truly successful in something we need to be genuine. I personally think that Nietzsche’s idea is a good reflection of our modern society. As we can see, people get less creative everyday and follow everything that they assume is

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