Analysis Of Jean Kilbourne 's ' Jesus Is A Brand Of Jeans ' Essay

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We’ve grown so accustomed to the jingles and colorful pictures associated with the advertisements for both fast food and junk food that we don’t even notice them anymore. Take the time to actually stop and pay attention to those advertisements. Notice how some commercials even have the power to stop children dead in their tracks and stare at the screen until the ad is over. In Jean Kilbourne’s essay “Jesus is a Brand of Jeans” she discusses the many different tactics that are used by advertisers in order to draw in consumers. According to Kilbourne many of those ads are actually directed towards children. Kilbourne is correct when she mentions how advertisers “target children (because if you hook them early they are yours for life), to encourage all people to consume more…” (259), fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, and even cereal such as Trix use this theory to sell their products to children. McDonalds is one of the many famous fast food chains that is guilty of using familiar faces that are popular with children in order to draw them into their restaurant while subconsciously showing them what they want to eat. My very own two year old who has never even had McDonalds pointed at the television in excitement when she saw one of their commercials containing the Minions from the movie Despicable Me 2. In the “Despicable Me 2 McDonald’s Happy Meal” commercial advertisers use the very popular Minions characters in order to portray how delicious McDonalds is that…

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