Analysis Of Jay Gatsby 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Conrad Grimmer
Ms. Waterman
American Literature (H)
Shades of Grey

Some things in life are completely unclear to us, we may feel a certain way about something and at the same time we feel the opposite. This lack of clarity is called ambiguity, and if you understand that some things can have more than one meaning, things will become more clear. The idea of Jay Gatsby is ambiguous because of his questionable life, although everything he does is because of his love for Daisy Buchanan. Lance Armstrong was a hero to the world because of his accomplishments, but when the truth is revealed about his cheating all of his accomplishments are removed from our minds and our ideas of this athlete are tarnished, regardless of his success.
Jay Gatsby is as a mysterious character, but as the truth comes out we learn more and more about the peculiar man who throws extravagant parties every weekend. Gatsby buys a home and stares at the blinking light at the end of Daisy’s dock across the water hoping that one day she will show up to one of his parties. He generously invites Nick out with him and welcomes him to the city. Readers slowly piece together Gatsby’s past, learning about his history with Daisy and his truly undying love for her. Everything Gatsby does seems to be pure and charitable but we soon figure out that Gatsby has a plan and he will do anything in his power to be with Daisy. When him and Daisy were together during the war, she left him because what she was seeking…

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