Analysis Of Jarome Lawrence's Inherit The Wind

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What does the Declaration of Independence mean by the Freedom of speech? You probably use this right as an American citizen every day, but there is a difference between the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought. Jarome Lawrence’s book Inherit The Wind discusses how unpopular opinions are punishable by law and there is no room for science in a world of god. The unsettling thought that one is pressured to share the same opinions as others in fear of persecution on a personal or legal level. There is no room for opinions in the bible and the majority always win. Everyone has an opinion, but speaking your mind can lead to undesirable consequences.
The events that take place in Inherit The Wind Is based on the events of Scopes V. Tennessee in 1925. Scopes was found in violation of the Butler Act, a law that prohibited the teaching of anything besides the ideals of Cristian based
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It could be hard or easier to go with what is socially acceptable, but what is harder is to dare challenge the social norm. To stand outside of the crowd and risk being chastised for one’s beliefs. At the same time, parents should be allowed to educate their children in the way they wish. Mark Collins of the Tribune Business News of Washington wrote an article about Ian Gerber’s production of Inherit The Wind, Mark quotes Ian, “More than 75 years later, Ian Gerber still runs across some of the issues raised in the play; intellectual freedom, and conflicts that arise when personal religious beliefs clash with science or sorcery in school settings.” (qtd. In Collins, 2011) As an American, Citizens should have the right to freedom of speech, but the freedom of thought is something that is always contested. A subjective point of view that is dear to one and deplorable to another. For what it matters that is what I think, regardless if I have that right or

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