Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie's Relationship

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Throughout the book, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston, the book sets place after the civil war in the south of the country. The main character Janie goes through a journey, where she discovers things about herself and the type of person she is. Janie is a very complex character as she is raised by her grandmother who has beliefs of staying quiet and listening to the male because she was raised as a slave to eventually changing the rules and becoming more independent as time goes on she starts to talk more just like when she was in her relationship with Tea Cake. Janie gets married three times, her first marriage was with Logan, her second was with Joe and her last wedding was with Teacake. Each of these husbands are very …show more content…
The way they got married is that joe came in one day and saw Janie, and he took a liking to her. Janie only started to like him because he was doing what Logan was not doing which was complimenting her and promising things. One of the things that he promised her when he was first talking to her before they ran away together was that she would not work if they were together. He said that “ A pretty doll-baby lak you is made to sit on de front porch and rock and fan yo’self and eat p’taters dat other folks just special for you.” He basically says that she would not work at all and all the the work that she is doing right now will not happen if they are together. He lied to her as once they go to their new city, Eatonville , he became mayor and made Janie work at the store that he added for the city. He told her that he needed her to help as the mayor’s wife and to help to bring this city up. “Janie, Ah’ll git hold us somebody to help out in the store and you kin look after things whilst Ah drum up things otherwise.” This is very similar to how Logan and Janie’s relationship was in the beginning, the only difference is that Janie was with him for forty years and was very silent throughout those years as h started to change when he was a like mayor. They may have been different people but hey both ended up with the same result. Her last husband was …show more content…
Each of her husband 's treated her differently, Logan and Joe both lied to her by treating her one way in the beginning only to contradict themselves later on in the relationship. The relationship with Joe hep change Janie because Joe was very controlling of Janie that by the time Teacake came into her life she learned when to do things and felt she actually liked Teacake after being miserable with Joe for a really long time. The relationship with Teacake showed that janie liked Teacake the most as he treated like an actual person not like the other two husbands who did not. That is how Janie was affected by her three husbands and how it affected the outcome of the

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