Analysis Of Jane Smiley 's ' The Case Against Chores ' Essay

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My father has been in the military for 30 years. His career has taken him and my family, to every corner of the world. The Air Force is a demanding career path to choose; often the spouse is left with the full weight of the chores to be done on the home front. During the course of my upbringing these duties were, in part, delegated to my sisters and I. While we never experienced “a life of almost tropical idleness’ (CITATION) like the children of Jane Smiley, we became effective and efficient members of our house hold. We learned to respect our house and our family. Though my sisters and I didn’t wake up smiling and ready to work, in the long run chores prepared us for the day we needed to maintain an organized lifestyle and living space of our own. Moreover, chores taught us self-sufficiency. Jane Smiley proposes in her essay “The Case against Chores” that chores serve only to teach children entirely negative ideas about how a household should be run. I disagree entirely with Smiley on every account.
Though my parents were never separated during my upbringing, my father’s constant absence created a single parent environment when it came to raising my sisters and me. She did not have the luxury of hiring a maid to have our rooms “miraculously neat” (CITATION) when we returned from school. Between running errands, mirroring a taxi service for her kids, and earning what little income she could my mother did not have time to maintain an entire house while also cooking,…

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