Analysis Of Jane Movie 's ' The Filmg.i Jane ' Essay

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Jordan Connor
October 28, 2014
Women Studies/Professor Kett

G.I Jane-Movie Midterm

Starting between the late 1700’s and ending around the mid 2000’s, women has had somewhat of an involvement in the military. They followed their husbands to war out of necessity. Many served in the military as cooks, and nurses but only with permission from the higher ranking officers. Many women were deemed as too fragile or not capable to serve as a forceful arm in the military. It was said to be unlawful, inhumane and politically crazy to grant women the right to serve in combat and have our sisters, mothers and wives coming home in “body bags”. As time permitted and more women became interested to enlist in the military, the fight for equality in the military became the main focus in the late 1900’s as well as the 2000’s.
The film G.I Jane directed by Ridley Scott gives viewers a clear insight of the struggle women had not only to enlist in the military but enlist in the navy which is said to be one of the most grueling yet skillful and tactical branches of the military as well as male dominated. The movie G.I Jane reflects how society wants to be portrayed; particularly the portrayal of women. G.I Jane presents the notion of patriarchy and ask does it challenge, resist, or transform the ideals of it. To further answer those questions it is imperative to understand the roles of woman in latter society compared to now and how its justified.
To begin it is important to define what a…

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