Analysis Of Jamie Brindle 's Short Story Essay

1088 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Although Jamie Brindle’s short story seems to be focused on issues that humanity will not have to face for many years, it is primarily designed to spread a message of what it means to have an identity and what it means to be human. People don’t always have a solid concept of who they are or what their purpose is. Sometimes people choose to cling onto something they consider solid and tie their whole identity to it. John Price AD can’t accept that he is one and the same with the person he is modeled after and can’t cope with the situation he is placed in. Being unable to realize who we truly are is the main thrust of Brindle’s story. While the aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and human relations does play a big role in the story, Brindle choose to focus on a timeless issue concerning identity. After reading through the story a few times it becomes apparent that the advance directive AI system is as human as any other person in the story and deserves to be treated as such. John Price AD is an AI, but is exactly the same as the person he was modeled after, although the AI is a much younger version of this person. There is an ever present theme of a mental battle going on in the “thoughts” of John Price AD. It is true that he is an AI programed in case of emergency situations like the one in the story, but he is also the same person that the man lying comatose. They share the same memories, feelings, likes, dislikes, and so forth. He constantly tries to remind himself…

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