Essay on Analysis Of James F. White

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James F. White is a researcher in liturgical studies who wrote notable books related to Christian worship such as Documents of Christian Worship, Introduction to Christian Worship and Protestant Worship: Traditions in Transition. This work is an analysis of Protestant worship where the author elucidates the main worship traditions of nine specific traditional segments of the church that shaped the history of Protestant worship in Europe and North America. These evangelical institutions are identified as Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, Anglican, Separatist and Puritan, Quaker, Methodist, Frontier, and Pentecostal. According to White, each one of these nine traditional churches had a major influence on the development of Protestant worship. Therefore, his thesis is that each one of these traditions has specific characteristics and values that facilitates the historical analysis of Protestant worship in Europe and America. (24).
White divides his book into twelve chapters that describe the main worship aspects of particular Protestant churches. First, he explains the purpose of the study of Protestant worship and then, he clarifies that by illustrating seven categories of Protestant worship: piety, time, place, people, prayer, preaching, and music (16). The author also explores the origins and the worship practices of nine specific traditions of Protestant worship as mentioned earlier in this review. Second, White explains the major contributions of late medieval…

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