Analysis Of James Cameron 's Avatar Essay

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James Cameron’s “Avatar” is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time. The story starts with explaining how by the year 2154 the human race has expended all of the resources of earth, and has set up a base of operations on the moon of Pandora with the intent of harvesting the mineral “unobtainium” for use as an energy source. The story follows our protagonist, Jake Sully, a paraplegic ex-marine who signed up to be part of the human’s “Avatar Program”, which involves the use of bio-engineered bodies vicariously controlled by humans due to the different environment of the alien moon. Jake Sully is given the position of bodyguard, with the duty of protecting scientists when out in the field, when a series of unfortunate events separates him from his group and ultimately leads him to meet the aboriginal species, the Na’vi. Jake learns the way of the Na’vi and comes to realize that the plan of the earthlings is to destroy the Na’vi’s sacred land in an attempt to mine as much unobtainium as possible. The story then shifts into an all-out war between the two sides in an attempt to save the moon from destruction. So what does a moon full of blue aliens have to do with culture? Simply, the entire movie is based around the idea that one group of individuals is showing absolutely no regard for another’s heritage, land, resources, or ways of life while one is subject to torment and hardship because of this. This is a culture issue if there ever was one. One group is being…

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