Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' Sonny 's Blues ' Essay

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The short story, “Sonny’s Blues,” focuses on the narrator and author, James Baldwin, a Algebra teacher in Harlem reuniting with his drug addicted brother, who was recently released from prison and able to come back home to their childhood neighborhood. As they catch up from the year that pasted, tension between them starts to occur when they both to attempt to deal with anger toward each other. The story puts emphasis on major themes of suffering, racism, a recurrent theme that Baldwin writes about in his other works, as well as the minor tragic event of Baldwin’s daughter. Though the main conflict is between their ideals that separate them, the narrator and Sonny both have their own internal conflicts to deal with. Baldwin goes through issues keeping his promise to his mother of watching out for his brother while Sonny still must fight his substance abuse.
The explicator article points out that the word, ‘Grace’, is utilized as the name of the narrator’s daughter and the biblical sense for the extension of mercy, even when that mercy is unearned (Stone). In the story, Grace is dying from polio. Though seemly unrated, it convinces the narrator to get in touch with Sonny. The characters fall from grace during the conflict of the story. Their internal contemplations affect the way they treat each other. As an African American living in Harlem, he knows the limits and obstacles that are placed in front of him because of his race and feels captive in the community. Drugs are…

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