Analysis Of James Baldwin 's ' Sonny 's Blues ' Essay

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In James Baldwin’s story “Sonny’s Blues”, one can automatically identify that the two brother’s personalities are polar opposites right from the start. Sonny, one of the main characters, is more musically inclined, social and takes risks while his brother is more logical, academically successful, and reserved (Joseph). Readers may relate to this with their own family because they are genetically similar but seem to be totally different from each other. Baldwin could be trying to show that people’s brains are wired differently than one another with his story. Sonny’s characteristics and actions throughout the story supports him being right hemisphere dominant thus, explaining why Sonny and his brother are so unique from one another. It has been stated that people, who have right hemisphere dominant brain’s, have certain personality traits like being: creative, emotional, visual and spontaneous. On the other hand, there are disadvantages and bad traits such as, struggling with academics due to inability to pay attention and memorizing facts (Left Brain). Sonny has proven himself to be right hemisphere dominant by fitting each and every one of these characteristics in numerous ways. In the story, Sonny states, “I ain’t learn nothing from school, even when I did go”, he made his hatred for school known. He later dropped out of school and left the household he was residing in with his sister-in-law and her family, to join the navy without telling a soul (pg. 108-9). Also,…

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